Our Company is EILAT STONE Supplier

We are a Peruvian company owners of mines in the Department of Junin, located at 3900 meters over the sea level in the Central Andean from Peru, mining country for excellence since the Pre-Inca era.

Thanks to the richness of our mines, we can explote their hand veins, a variety of precious and semiprecious stones.

Through our ongoing work of exploration and research, we discovered the unique EILAT Mine in Peru and possibly from all of Latin America.

Semiprecious stone EILAT ("National Stone of Israel”), also known as "King Solomon Stone" as it comes from the mines of King Solomon, is considered as the "cousin of the Turquoise" for his strong resemblance to this stone, even many times have been used as a substitute. It is named after the village where they initially exploded his mines: the city of Eilat, located in southern Israel.

Its color is dark green and blue uniform. It is obtained from copper mines and is composed of four minerals: Malachite, Azurite, Turquoise and Chrysocolla, which makes this stone, a unique and valuable in the marketplace. Like all semi-precious stone, usually in Cabochons and selling and/or polished slabs are then incorporated into free-form and seamed in elegant and unique jewelry.

Eilat mines have been exhausted in their country of origin, which have been closed for over ten years, is for that reason that today the cornerstone of Eilat, is considered and valued as a rare stone and low-level world.
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SOME OF OUR EILAT STONES: Cabochons and Slabs.
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